Epoxy Solutions

What is epoxy resign?

Synthetic resin is a multi-layer, usually two-component, floor covering system, also known as cast flooring. The liquid resin is cast on the surface and then solidifies after the appropriate setting time. It can be used in both industrial and home environments, we can make it unique with any patterns. Epoxy resin has a number of benefits that we can enjoy in our homes:

  • ♦ Completely connected, joint-free, even throughout the apartment.
  • ♦ You get a smooth, glossy or matte surface that is easy to keep clean.
  • ♦ Can even be made on existing tiles.
  • ♦ In the absence of little natural light, the spaces appear larger due to their reflective properties.
  • ♦ Meets high hygiene requirements (hospitals, private surgeries, dental surgeries)
  • ♦ Execution of 3D patterns.


Areas of application

Kitchen Countertops
Wall covering
Tables, furniture